What are pre-lead emails that I am receiving?

The Pre-Contact lead is a new addition to MyHousePage and is a means of simply informing you when someone enters an address on your page, but does not necessarily mean they filled out any information.

The purpose for these messages, is to allow you to see that your page is actually being viewed, regardless of whether someone enters their contact information. If they choose not to, you may be able to use their address information through the MLS or other means to locate a contact name or e-mail, and reach out.

More than likely the person will be a seller trying to find out the value of their home. You can try and get the lead's information by searching for the address submitted. If you can find a name, you can probably use their address to send them direct mail. If you are able to get an email, you can email the lead or if you have FUEL Lead Systems, put the lead on a drip campaign.

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