What do you need to know when a property or address isn't found in MyHousePage?

We want to hear when a property isn't shown. Please tell us!

1. Email with:

  • What was the address exactly as you searched on it?
  • What text did you enter into each field when you searched?
  • What was the web address (called a URL) where you searched?

2. If you know how, attach a screen snap of the page you saw including an error or unexpected message. This helps us see exactly what you saw!

3. Send the email.

That's it!

This creates a ticket in our system and we are notified promptly.

Next, we read what you gave us an attempt to reproduce what you saw. If we cannot reproduce what you saw, please be willing to work with us because we will ask for more information. 

If we are able to reproduce the error with proper documentation, there is a much higher chance of getting an answer from our data provider.

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