What if MyHousePage shows zero results for the property address I entered?

1. We only show addresses in the United States. If you are searching for a non-US address, MyHousePage will show zero results.

2. If you are searching on condominiums, we have very limited data on a per-unit level.

3. Tell us about it. We can only address issues brought to our attention.

Email with the following information:

  • What was the address exactly as you searched on it?
  • What text did you enter into each field when you searched?
  • What was the web address (called a URL) where you searched?
  • Attach a screen snap of the page you saw including an error or unexpected message. This helps us see exactly what you saw!

This creates a ticket in our system and we are notified promptly. next, we read what you gave us an attempt to reproduce what you saw. If we cannot reproduce what you saw, please be willing to work with us because we will ask for more information. 

If we are able to reproduce the error with proper documentation, there is a much higher chance of getting an answer from our data provider.

4. If you see the same property with results in Zillow or Trulia, please send us the link to the address. That is very helpful to bring to our data provider.

Setting Your Expectations

We have a vendor who aggregates and refines the data to be used for real estate services. They release updates based on the data they can obtain from county offices. It's a big job to keep up with all that data and different ways people search for addresses.

The data behind FUEL Pages comes from United Status country assessors. County offices update their data on different schedules. Some update monthly and others update once per year.

So, newly constructed properties and changes to property addresses can take months or even a year to reach FUEL Pages. Yet, we work with our data provider to add verified addresses as quickly as possible hoping, each time, it is sooner than later.

Sometimes, there just isn't enough data for an address to add to the system.

To set proper expectations, it can be up to two months to see a verified address in FUEL Pages results.

What the FUEL Team Does

We hustle behind the scenes. We have a process with our vendor to investigate issues. Some issues can be solved in five (5) business days when the address can be verified by the data provider.

When an address cannot be quickly verified by the data provider, it can take two months or longer.

We follow-up with our data provider daily. Please be aware, we do not directly control the data in FUEL Pages. We cannot simply add new data. Our data provider adds the data and balances speed to getting new information with accuracy.

If you have further questions, please call our FUEL support number at 800-295-3835 or email We are happy to hear about and try to resolve issues.

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