Bonuses With Expired Listing Boot Camp

Sometimes people have questions about the materials and bonus materials offered with Expired Listing Boot Camp. Here is a list to help you locate the materials.

After many sections in the Expired Listing Boot Camp site, if you scroll down, there are materials that go with that week.

Week 1

  • Ultimate 89 Point Marketing Plan
  • Accountability Sheet
  • Questions to Ask
  • Expired Voicemail Script
  • Outlaw Mailer
  • 12 Point Expired Script

Week 2

  • Expired Leads Execution Plan
  • Full Email Swipe File for the Expired Leads Execution Plan
  • Full Postcard & Greeting Card Swipe File for the Expired Leads Execution Plan
  • Bonus Expired Letter 1
  • Bonus Expired Letter 2
  • Bonus Expired Letter 3
  • Bonus Expired Letter 4
  • Bonus Expired Letter 5
  • Bonus Alternate Expired Letter 1
  • Bonus Alternate Expired Letter 2
  • Bonus Alternate Expired Letter 3
  • Bonus Alternate Expired Letter 4
  • Third Party Endorsement Letter
  • Ultimate 89 Point Plan

Week 3 - slides only

Week 4

  • Seller Discovery Sheet
  • Kaley's DOM Spreadsheet
  • Kaley's L2S Ratio Spreadsheet

Bonus Materials

  • 12 month business plan
  • Hoss Pratt's Listing Presentation Live. See Listing Presentation Mastery section.
  • Video: Monica Benevides Marketing of the Year Training from ReCharge event

If what you are seeking isn't in this article, open a support ticket and tell us:

  1. The title of what was promised
  2. Which webinar or web page was showing the bonus offer

Thank you.

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