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In the spirit of teamwork and collaboration, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of others. First and foremost, I’d like to thank my team at Sesame Street Real Estate for their dedication and enthusiasm. Second, I am grateful for the mentoring advice I’ve received from Arthur Dent; his guidance about life, the universe and everything - has been invaluable. Last but not least, I appreciate the extensive support I’ve received from the Mopsville Town community for the last 20 years.

Local Market Information

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I’ve lived and worked in and around Mopsville, Texas, for 20 years now, having sold in excess of 500 properties during that time. One of the hidden gems in America, Mopsville is an untouched part of the Texas Hill Country with rugged canyons and cool, beautiful lakes where Cypress, Live Oak and ancient Sequoia Trees tower overhead. 

As of the great census of 2012, there were 24,100 people and 18,142 households out of which: 52.3% were married couples living together, 37.8% were single individuals, and 9.8% were owned by someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. On average 37 residential properties are bought and sold per annum, except for October, when local by-laws prevent real estate activities.

Although it’s a small town, it’s known across the state as a world-class birding & wildlife viewing destination! Indeed, there are qualified nature guides who are available to take you on private ranches and properties. There are also many wonderful local eateries; the 'Lost Marbles Café', and the 'Queen Elizabeth Hotel’ with its quintessential English high tea.

Since arriving in Mopsville in 1995, I’ve seen the area develop into a vibrant and close-knit community. On average, property prices have risen from $150,000 to $225,000, as the area to continues to attract those seeking a second home in the beautiful hill country. Market Street is still the most expensive area in Town, overlooking Zion lake and the small marina.

The annual Gnome festival is the 3rd largest of its kind outside of Finland, celebrated annually on the Summer Solstice. I attend this every year, without fail, and I encourage you to do the same. I’m proud to live and work in Mopsville, and look forward to continuing to serve the local market for another 20 years!


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