How to create a high resolution photo that looks good when printed

Images that look good on your computer screen may appear blurry when printed on a book cover. You want your photo to be crisp, clean and very professional. To do so, you must provide a high resolution image file.

Here is an excellent article that explains in simple terms What is a high resolution photo? Look at the great visual example.


Image Resolution is Dots Per Inch

This means the number of dots per inch (called "dpi" for short) should be 300 dpi or more. 300 to 600 dots per inch is common and creates a clear printed image.

If you do not understand where to find the dots per inch, we politely suggest you ask your graphic designer or a photographer. They will know.

Most images you see on the web are 72 dpi. These images will not work for printed publications as they will look very blurry. Do not provide an image at 72 dpi.


Size of the Image

The space for your photo on the cover is 1.2325" wide x 1.6" tall.

For a 300 dpi image the file dimensions should be 370 pixels x 480 pixels.

For a 600 dpi image the file dimensions should be 740 pixels x 960 pixels.


Resizing Images

If you send an image larger than the sizes above, that's OK. We can make it smaller without losing image quality.

If you provide an image smaller than the pixel sizes above, it will lose quality and it should not be used.


Acceptable Image Formats

We accept images in the following file formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF

We do not accept GIF as they are usually lower resolution. We do not accept AI, EPS or PSD files.

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