May I send a PDF version of the Kindle book to customers and prospects?

Those who purchased the Kindle ebook received the book in MOBI format. MOBI format is not the same as PDF format.

Customers are not allowed to change formats of the books themselves. This includes creating a PDF file.

Changing the format is against the rules set by the copyright holder. If a customer uses a conversion tool to convert from MOBI to PDF, several things may happen:

  1. If HPSS or the copyright holder learns of an unauthorized format, the person will be contacted to cease and desist. Legal action may or may not occur.
  2. Cookie-cutter conversion tools tend to create PDFs full of random spaces, blank pages, special characters. It is unlikely that a substandard version should be given to prospects lest the real estate person appear unprofessional.

If an agent desires to provide printed versions of the book, we are licensed to provide printed books through an approved publisher. Please contact Michelle Hughes at for pricing and delivery times for hardbound versions of your book.


1) When will PDF be available?

At this time, we are discussing converting the product to other major e-reader platforms (i.e. PDF, iBooks, Nook, Kobo et al). There is no fixed timeline for a decision.


2) Is PDF an additional cost?

Yes, if a PDF version of Moving Forward becomes available, then it would be a separate product available for purchase.


3) Are we allowed to give a PDF version to prospects or anyone else?

No. The Kindle Edition of Moving Forward (KEMF) is created and published in .MOBI format. This is a 'soft' electronic format, designed to be shared via digital channels (e.g. email, websites, social media, et al.). In addition to actual Kindle hardware devices, it's simple and free for people to read Kindle e-books on PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smart Phones et al.

Our exclusive Kindle Publishers are not permitted to re-publish identical or derivative e-books in PDF, MS Word, Plain Text, or other e-book formats including, but not limited to, Sony e-Readers, Nook, Kobo et al.


4) Is someone allowed to print a hard version from a Kindle version or PDF version and give it away?

No. The Kindle Edition of Moving Forward (KEMF) is created and published in .MOBI format. There is a print edition of Moving Forward available to purchase, for Real Estate Agents wishing to distribute printed books.

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