Frequently Asked Questions about Kindle Positioning

  • Where may I go to see the offer made after the webinar? Please go to to see the offer details and check out.

  • Is this product the same as the printed version of Moving Forward? No, it's a more cost efficient way for agents interested in digital marketing.

  • Is it suitable for a new agent? Yes, it will help you position your brand ahead of competitors.

  • Do people need to own or purchase a Kindle to read a Kindle e-book? No. There is free Kindle software available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS and most other computers & smart-phones.
  • Is this offer available for PDF, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and/or Sony e-readers? At present, we are looking at converting the product to other major e-reader platforms.
  • Do you provide technical support? Yes, all purchasers will receive a technical manual regarding the features and benefits of the e-book itself. We do not provide technical support for third party hardware or software.
  • Can I sell this book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.? No. This product is designed to be given for free to prospective clients, not sold through bookstores.
  • Will my book be identical to everyone else’s book? No. Each book is customized to a specific Real Estate Agent, to create a unique product.
  • Who wrote the content and is it ‘worth the paper it’s written on’? This was collaboration between Hoss Pratt and some of the best US-based writers, and represents the pinnacle of professional writing and strategic real estate selling.
  • What is the average turnaround time to receive the e-book? Once we receive all materials in formats we can open, the turnaround is five (5) business days.
  • What happens if I find a typing mistake, or other problem? The majority of issues are found when you proof the draft version of your book and find issues within your personalized content. The overall book itself has been proofread and edited so there should be few, if any, errors. When you find errors, send them to along with details on the page and error you found. The product manager will decide if a change is to be made or if the change cannot be accommodated. Either way, we will let you know of the status of your request through our Help Center.

  • Do I need to write a Title / Sub-Title for the Kindle e-book? No, this is done for you – at no extra cost.

  • Do I need to design a front cover for the Kindle e-book? No, there are 2 designs – Standard and Custom. The Standard cover design is based around your corporate logo, and is included at no extra cost. The Custom cover design includes your photograph and a choice of colour, and this costs $135 USD.

  • Do I need to proof-read the Kindle e-book? Yes and No. You do need to check the content you’ve provided is correct. The other sections of the book have been proof-read, so you do not need to do this.

  • How long is the Kindle e-book? The manuscript is around 16,000 words long, plus any custom content you provide (e.g. bio, market information, etc.).

  • How many pages will be in the Kindle e-book? This is a simple question with a complex answer, because - in the world of Kindle publishing - a page is "dynamic". In print publishing, 250 words equals a Manuscript Page (or, 64 manuscript pages = 16,000 words). In contrast, there no fixed unit sizes or lengths on Kindle. The reasons for this, include: 1. A single device can display a book in (a) different types and sizes of fonts, (b) portrait or landscape viewing mode, where each permutation gives a different pagination; and 2. There are dozens (perhaps 100s) of devices able to read Kindle books, where different screen sizes might give different pagination (think: 70-inch ultra 4K TVs through to Smart Phones).

  • Do I need to register with Kindle Direct Publishing or No. The entire publishing process is done for you.

  • How do I market my Kindle e-book? You will be given a set of bonus files, including a press release, marketing ideas and email swipe files, etc. – at no extra cost.

  • Is someone going to write my bio, contact details, etc. for me, please? Being honest, the best person to write about you and your business is you! If you do need help, then the cost of this will be $135 USD per hour, and usually takes 2 - 6 hours.

  • Why do I need to send my logo, contact details and biography? This sounds complicated! This information enables us to customize the Kindle e-book to your exact needs. In most cases, this takes people 30 minutes or less complete.

  • How long do I need to wait to receive my Kindle e-book? 100% of Kindle edition products are issued within 7 days from the time you send us your logo, contact details, biography, etc. The sooner you send us the information, the sooner we can produce your book!

  • How many rounds of changes are included in the price? There are 2 parts of the book: text and graphics. You will receive a draft to review, after which there are 2 rounds of text changes. There is 1 round of changes on the standard cover image package, and 2 rounds of changes on the custom image package.

  • Can I change my bio or contact details (or something else) in the future, if I change address, job, etc.? Yes. It costs $135 USD per hour for changes, with a minimum fee of 1-hour; a quote would be provided in advance.
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