About Certified Pre-Owned Home Program

Just think Better Business Bureau. AAA Approved. Good Housekeeping.

When you hear any of these names and brands, you feel safe and secure. They stand for dependability, reliability, assurance...and they instill comfort, confidence, and pride of ownership in the hearts and minds of buyers.

With Pre-Owned Home Certification (CPOP), you provide these same premium benefits and selling incentives to both your sellers and your buyers.

More information about the program is at the CPOP section of the Hoss Pratt site.


Getting Started

A few hours after you purchase CPOP, you will receive an email from with your username and password. The subject is "[Certified Pre-Owned Home Program] Login Details Email".

To access the videos and materials, go to and log in.

Make sure you can log in because knowing now that you are all set is great peace of mind.

If you do not see the account activation email, contact We'll help you get access to this outstanding course.


Use the Materials

Watch the video in Module 1. Download the items below the video.

 In Module 2 you have even more downloads to personalize for your own program including sign riders and logos.

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